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Porto heliopolis

Porto heliopolis amer group

Porto heliopolis

Later on, Amer Group Company

By doing the Heliopolis project in Heliopolis and after thinking and studying to choose a distinguished name for the project

Reservations were opened for sales of this huge project, and Amer Group has already said in an interview posted on the Egyptian Stock Exchange

It has already obtained all the important and critical licenses for the project and will talk about any new related project

On August 21, the Amer Group Group announced its plans for a new project

Under the name “Piccadilly Heliopolis” which was then changed to the name of Porto in Heliopolis at a financial cost of about 3 billion Egyptian pounds

Porto Heliopolis

Porto heliopoli

The company noted in an interview with the Stock Exchange that this project is located in the finest modern places in Cairo
Inside Heliopolis, the last of El Thawra Street, an area of ​​27 thousand square meters at a cost of about 3 billion pounds

And it directly overlooks Revolution Street under the name “Porto Heliopolis”, which is characterized by the new and brilliant thought and rare
In the beauty of the design commensurate with the beauty of the region and it is located in the heart of Heliopolis in an important and privileged location

Downtown New Cairo is minutes away from Nasr City, Cairo International Airport and New Cairo

All this is due to the outstanding success of the company over the past years in the establishment of several tourist resorts And residential in Cairo and abroad

? Porto Heliopolis project site

The location of the project has many advantages, including the following, such as the genius of the place, which is estimated to make the residents of the compound

At many points and close to important and strategic locations this compound is considered the first distinct residential compound located

In the heart of Heliopolis ”is a single project with an area of ​​land of about 27 thousand meters

And meet him a lot

The wonderful residential, commercial, administrative, health and hotel services all these aspects have made the project

Integrated services on the other hand is characterized by the existence of privacy for each client project is characterized by a direct view on Revolution Street
Or an interior view of the area characterized by the project where restaurants and luxury cafes

The company has tried to take into account in the design of the project to provide a great deal of sophistication and integrated services to Amer Group customers
So that they can get a distinct service within the project, so this project is an advanced stage
In real estate construction projects to be by many needs to be
Porto Heliopolis project in Cairo is one of the projects founded by Amer Group to be one of the most important and first
Its projects are characterized by the presence of a lot of distinctive services in addition to distinctive prices and payment systems provided and payment systems and wonderful facilities.

Piccadilly Compound Heliopolis is formerly

(Porto Heliopolis currently) unique in the new Heliopolis area,

What distinguishes this compound from many other compounds is its special place and its coverage of many services

The facilities and features that have never existed before in any compound and that makes many customers look over

And repeat until they are acquired and owned by their own dwelling.

? Amer Group project location in Cairo

Porto heliopoli

It is known in Amer Group that it is distinguished in choosing the appropriate and distinct place to establish its projects to become
Convenient to choose a lot of customers who are looking for privacy, security and luxury, in the site is considered a horoscope
Piccadilly Heliopolis (now Porto Heliopolis) makes you near all the places that offer all your needs
Daily and for your family members

Therefore, all the amazing qualities available in the compound are due to the supervision of the most famous engineering offices in the world
All of them have more than 70 years of experience in the field of architecture
It is an office (WATG) which has had complete freedom in supervising and designing these towers.
The 8 towers of the Piccadilly Heliopolis compound (and now Porto Heliopolis) were established in El Thawra Street
In front of the signal house and at the corner of Tivoli Street in Heliopolis.

The compound is located in an important area in Heliopolis and is always full of residents and expatriates, and is also near the project
Many places of interest in the area, including Embassy buildings
Also close to the towers are several large malls in Egypt; they are: City Stars Mall and City Center Mall.

? Features of Porto Heliopolis Compound

The location of the Piccadilly Heliopolis Compound (now Porto Heliopolis) becomes very distinct from the main roads side,
It is about 5 km away from Nasr City.
It is 7 km away from Cairo International Airport and about 12 km away from New Cairo
The location of Amer Group Compound in Heliopolis is close to the main roads in Nasr City, so it makes the movement easy
On the residents can move easily and smoothly on the inhabitants, one of the most important of these roads is the promenade
And victory road.

? Services and spaces in Porto Heliopolis

Amer Group has set a goal of establishing Piccadilly Heliopolis in Heliopolis
(Porto Heliopolis currently) so you can provide all means of living privacy and luxury.
So the company started to create a new idea like no other. It started building and implementing the first compound for many

The population is covered by many services with international hotel bases and all the services are fully equipped and equipped with the latest

Devices and entertainment.

Porto Heliopolis

These services include:

The Amer Group project in Cairo has 8 towers and consists of 11 floors

Comprising 945 residential units, the project was established at a cost of approximately LE 6 billion

One of the plans for the Piccadilly Heliopolis Towers (and now Porto Heliopolis) is that it has a hospital

It has many services equipped with the latest modern medical facilities and clinics serving all specialties

The compound has a large garage covering the entire housing unit so that it serves all residents in the units

The compound has a 5-star hotel offering all services to a high level of hotel service
In the compound there are more than 60 shops offering the most international brands and bards to satisfy the lovers of shopping

They want to buy and do not have to go outside the compound

The compound also offers residents a hypermarket with all the requirements of life and personality that bind the family from small to small

The large compound also has a sports club for young and old and social for the elderly also to spend time

Their leisure sports and entertainment

? The most important services Porto Heliopolis

Porto heliopoli

It also houses cinemas so that residents can watch modern movies and enjoy the luxury.

Until the residents of the compound find security and comfort there is a security system prepared on

the latest methods of safety in the world and a security team

Dedicated to do his work 24 hours; beside the presence of cameras in the entrances and exits of the compound until watching all the large

And small occur in the compound throughout the day

Within the compound there are a lot of restaurant chains and cafeterias of world class and restaurants
Piccadilly Station Restaurant; you can taste British food
The magnificent design of the compound resembles Piccadilly Square

It is one of the most famous squares in London; where there are a lot of services, restaurants and cafes, so Amer Group

Taking the design of the compound with the same original design, so the towers were named by this name

Wimberly Alison Tong Goo’s office space is designed by PortoHeliopolis Heliopolis

Compound system distinct hotel and all this is due to the experience of the office and its quality in this area

The designs were assigned to the WATG Office in particular because of the quality of its designs recognized for efficiency and excellence

All the work of the whole compound from the foundation, strategy and construction to the latest interior engineering and designs

Beautiful scenery and all full interior services

This office is known as one of the most famous offices in more than 6 countries all over the world, and has spread its fame

As a result of his beautiful and distinctive designs and one of the most important achievements in the Heliopolis area is the compound Piccadilly Heliopolis

(Porto Heliopolis currently)

Porto Heliopolis

As for the spaces, it includes a lot of diverse spaces to suit all tastes of multiple customers as well as on

The proportion of the number of members of all families, the prices of residential units in the compound starts from 99 square meters to an area of ​​232 square meters

Another side of Omar Bin Abdul Khattab Street to Tivoli Street

? Prices and payment systems Porto Heliopolis

The administrative body in the compound has established payment facilities by many customers; so that the customer can pay 10%

The rest of the amount is paid up to six years without interest

The apartment is equipped and delivered with a Super Lux finishing and characterized by the price of each apartment, unlike its area and the natural view

: It is located in the apartment and will make an integrated statement for each apartment as follows

  • There are 10 apartments overlooking Al Thawra Street and Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, priced at 6.600.000 Egyptian pounds
  • There are also 55 apartments in the public view overlooking the gallery, and the price of these apartments starts from 3.000.000 Egyptian pounds
  • 44 apartments located in Omar Ibn El Khattab Street only, starting from 2.600.000 Egyptian pounds
  • 48 apartments have a public place on El Thawra Street only, and the price of these apartments from 2.785.000 Egyptian pounds

? The most important characteristic of housing in Heliopolis

Heliopolis is distinguished from all the districts of Cairo that all the main roads have many advantages. Also located in the heart of Cairo

Therefore, it was characterized by providing transportation and movement within the compound soft

Heliopolis location is very special as it is located in the eastern side of Egypt

It is close to Cairo International Airport which is an important airport in Cairo, so if you like traveling a lot in

The location of the compound is very special as it is very close to the airport

As well as the city of Nasr by a lot of important and famous places, including Baron Palace Orouba Palace and Presidential Palace; It has lots of parks, including Maryland Park. There are also many residential areas like the Golf District

Suez Bridge and Korba neighborhood, which has a distinctive architectural form, which has become among the famous commercial areas

Which have a distinctive mark

? The former owner and business of Porto Heliopolis

Amer Group is known as the company that owns the ownership of the Piccadilly Heliopolis project


(Porto Heliopolis) This company is considered one of the most important companies within the real estate development market; due to the extent of its expertise and excellence

Projects in more than 70 years

Whereas, the company establishes all its tourism and residential projects through the application of all studies and designs

The latest European architectural style and new and sophisticated styles in the real estate development market

? The most important previous works of Amer Group

Porto heliopoli

Amer Group is characterized by a busy and honorable history of many important and successful projects, including the following

Main previous work

  • Porto Said Resort
  • South Beach
  • Porto Sokhna
  • Porto Matrouh
  • Porto Marina
  • Porto Golf Marina

If you’re looking for excellence, don’t hesitate and hurry to make your reservation, as Piccadilly Towers Heliopolis is located

Piccadilly Compound is Heliopolis

? Prices and payment systems Porto Heliopolis

The highest price offered by the company for the sale of units in the compound is 7 million and 500 thousand Egyptian pounds

It is also offered to many customers, each depending on their choice of the area to be chosen and within the facilities

Convenient installment systems and many payment systems to facilitate the purchase process,

the provider 10% of the value of the basic unit and 10%

When writing the contract and 5% on the first installment, provided that all installments are similar and equal over 6 years

For those looking for an apartment for sale and sale in Piccadilly Heliopolis (and Porto Heliopolis currently)

Therefore, the price of the apartment available in Tower B most famous and distinctive is 2 million

and 181 thousand pounds

The different units in Piccadilly Heliopolis

(Porto Heliopolis currently): –

The apartments are from 99 square meters to 232 square meters
So it is one of the most famous and very distinctive towers in the compound is Tower B because ذit is on the corner of the street leading to Tivoli,
On the other hand is on the first of Thawra Street and Omar Bin Al Khattab Street
The tower contains 186 apartments and is considered one of the first towers in the compound that the company started booking
In the sale of all units

Porto Heliopolis

that we presented a detailed view of everything concerning the compound Porto Heliopolis and its services and apartment areas
Our owner company dear customer feel free to buy your unit there where beauty, privacy and investment are yours, for your future children In Porto Heliopolis

We are waiting for your call to book at Amer Group projects in Heliopolis
Porto Heliopolis

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