Apartments and villas for sale in New Cairoشققفلل

iwan new cairo

iwan Compound New Cairo

iwan Real Estate Company is launching its new residential project in the 5th settlement in

partnership with Al Suwaidi

Next to the American University and directly to the southern ninetieth, Iwan Real Estate Company always has the choices to adopt its real estate project in the most important locations

The strategy is clear through its multiple real estate projects that we will list to clarify

more than iwan Real Estate Company

ايوان تطرح مشروعا جديد بالتجمع الخامس

iwan Real Estate Company and its previous work

Ewan Real Estate always strives to create value for the societies in which we live that

it wants to guarantee to its customers

The quality of its projects and the communities it creates

Its primary goal is to preserve the spirit that iwan Real Estate directs in its project as it holds a deal of respect

And excellence for its customers to provide them with a level of excellence, care and development for all that bears the name of iwan developments and developments

Reflected by iwan through her works

As iwan Properties always seeks innovations that arise from the initial idea to handover to adopt iwan developments business

Ali must integrate and pay attention to all the details that make iwan Real Estate projects valuable among real estate investment companies

iwan Real Estate’s successes relied on sustainability and business continuity and a commitment

to create value for the communities it provides

To be one of the leading companies in providing the best integrated real estate and

innovative business in Egypt

Iwan developments in the real estate market since 17 years of excellence by building unique

homes of trust and communities

To know more about the Iwan project in Fifth Avenue

Thei wan project, the fifth assembly of iwan and Al Suwaidi

The area of ​​the Iwan project, Fifth Avenue

موقع مشروع ايوان التجمع الخامس علي الخريطة

If 104 acres were developed in partnership with Al Suwaidi in the most distinguished area of

​​New Cairo, it would be a huge project on a large area

Mega Project in the Fifth Settlement includes many apartments, villas, entertainment and basic

services to be among the distinguished communities of the Fifth Settlement

Jada new cairo iwan

iwan compound site New Cairo

The iwen project is located in New Cairo, in the Location Strategic, in the 5th settlement, on

the most important main street, 90 Street

And directly on the southern ninety Street with a long interface of 1 km in the 90 Street next to

the American University, this is Location in the new cairo

iwan New Cairo project services

The iwan project is characterized by it has many unique and distinctive services that make you

in a unique, unique residential project to provide several features of full services

Advantages of the iwan New Cairo project

  • social Club
  • Commercial area
  • administrative area
  • swimming pool
  • Crystal Lagoons Lakes
  • Green spaces
  • security cameras
  • Security and guarding 24/7

iwan spaces New Cairo

مشروع الجديد لشركة ايوان والسويدي بالتجمع الخامس

Starting from apartments – Town House – Twin House – Standalone Villas

  • Apartments start from 75m to 220m
  • Villas start from 160m to 280m

Unit type

Unit space

1 bedroom apartments

70 – 80 square meters

2 bedroom apartments

115 – 125 square meters

3 room apartments

160 – 200 square meters


200 – 220 square meters


160 – 200 square meters

Twin House

180 – 220 square meters


200 – 280 square meters

Iwan New Cairo project designs

The project was designed by Woods BAGOT and is one of the 10 best designers in the world, designed behind Dubai City Walk, Blue Waters Island and Dubai Design District

iwan Real Estate Company offers a unique compound, elegant and luxurious designs to make

you have a vision of a global project Inside 90 Street

jada new cairo

Iwan prices New Cairo

The price per square meter in the Iwan New Cairo project starts from 19,500,000 per square meter

The villas in the iwan new cairo project start from 6,400,000 EGP

iwan New Cairo project for iwan and Al Suwaidi

Iwan payment systems, New Cairo

5% of equal booking and installments are paid up to 8 years

Book your place on the iwan new cairo project at competitive prices. In the opening I find

you a place within the finest

Residential compounds on directly south ninety Street and minutes from the American University

of international design

To provide you, iwan, in partnership with Al Suwaidi, a unique residential investment platform

For reservations and inquiries through iwan Properties sales

For more information about the real estate market and Ewan real estate projects


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