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hilton new capital

Modon new Capital 2022

hilton new capital

Hilton New Capital 2022 was nominated among the most important projects of the new year for Modon Real Estate Development Company, as
The company chooses the high-end areas in which the rich class lives in Egypt,

so all companies working in the field of real estate investment compete for them, as these areas are

high-end and far from slums and crowded crowds in Old Cairo and its suburbs

In addition, the projects of this company are classified as having distinctive luxurious designs that differ from The rest of the designs of other companies and the executive work team in that company has great experience in this field and helps the company to provide all modern devices in addition to the accurate technologies that work to complete the tasks accurately and quickly, in order to ensure that the company delivers projects on time according to the agreed work plan on her

Hilton space in the new capital of Modon Company

مشروع مدن العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

A large area has been allocated for the establishment of new capital project, as the units of this place are characterized by wonderful spaces that suit the purpose of establishing this place, as the units of the cities of new capital have been allocated for hotel and commercial activity Modon Real Estate Development Company in choosing the form of designs for new capital project

As the design of this project has been adopted with international designs with a distinctive character, in particular, modern, unique and elegant, because it is one of the projects that are characterized by professionalism and intelligence in all works, designs and modern methods

The project was also designed in order to become a touch of sophistication and beauty

video of the Hilton New Capital project

The advantages of the new capital as an investment site

  • It contains the largest garden in the world, because its area is two and a half times that of the central garden in New York
  • In addition, there is a 4800 megawatt new Capital power station. The station area is located on about 175 acres on the Ain Sukhna road The cost of constructing the station is about 2 billion. The station was classified as the first of its kind in the Middle East and was built in a mountainous area far from the sea
  • There is an area for the towers with two towers of the top ten towers in the world, and the Chinese company (CSCEC) has announced the construction of the largest skyscraper in the New Administrative Capital, its height reaches 345 meters
    It includes an international airport with an area of ​​33 km2
  • In addition, the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, was built.
  • mosque is located on the middle ring road and is set to accommodate 17,000 people
  • The total area of ​​the mosque is 106 acres and the length of 3,150 meters. The number of minarets in the mosque: 4 Fatimid style with a length of 95 meters (31 floors) Number of domes: 21 domes
  • It has a main road network of 650 km
  • In addition, new capital occupies an area of ​​170 acres, and this area is the same size as all of Singapore

hilton new capital

As it has become one of the famous buildings in the new capital, which works to provide many spaces and services that suit all individuals, as the project is distinguished by its uniqueness with high-quality designs, unparalleled from the inside, as it includes a lot of distinct landscapes and huge architectural style in the spaces that It was created to suit all tastes

In addition, the cities of New Capital are considered one of the largest distinguished projects that have a different view, and this strategic location is one of the distinguished sites that meet the requirements of all customers, so this project is the special place for you

Where the company that owns this project has chosen the most important sites within the new administrative capital, which has many advantages for the establishment of new capital project

hilton hotel

Next to a number of important facilities and private facilities, in addition to the distinctive architectural design within all its units, which provides complete privacy for all customers among all units and a number of green spaces spread, to increase the beauty of the aesthetic views of the project

Therefore, the Hilton commercial and hotel project is in the heart of new Capital, because it is one of the most distinguished area in the capital, where in addition to that, all spaces are provided in order to target all segments, from the first customer who buys a million and a million and a half to the customer who will buy large spaces. We can open any spaces The bulk of the advantage we have is that we have gathered all of the big brand names such as the consultant, management, design and finishes, not to do sales, but not to do something different. You prefer with us for more than 100 years

Also, new Capital project is characterized by a number of services that satisfy all customers and their tastes, making it one of the Distinguished projects within new capital

The capabilities and components Hilton New Capital

  • very special site
  • Powerful design and architectural interface at all

In addition, contracted with

  • Best engineering design company
  • In addition, the best management company
  • best engineering consultant
  • In addition, the best implementation consultant
  • panoramic elevators
  • In addition, elevators dedicated to administrative units
  • solar panels
  • Additionally, an outdoor plaza decorated with trees
  • Companion to help people of determination
  • In addition, an outstanding restaurant area
  • Heat insulated glass facades
  • Additionally digital billboards
  • The first intelligent mechanical parking
  • In addition, smart building technology
  • meeting rooms
  • In addition, a car park
  • waste management
  • Additionally facility management and plumbing service
  • Disinfection, sterilization and pest control

spaces and prices of the units of Hilton New Capital

Spaces and prices are available to everyone, so the prices of Hilton New Capital are suitable and cheap compared to the rest of the units that are located in new Capital. There is also a semi-finished system available, and this is according to the customer’s request, as he asks to complete the rest of the finishes according to his own taste in the form

Modon new Capital 2022

فندق هيلتون العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Where the prices vary with the change of the unit type and its area, and in general, the company provided the best price per square meter that can only be compared to the services, in addition to the amenities

and luxury that you get where you will find everything you dream about and we hope to see it in

reality and more for you and your project where you will find ingenuity in execution with quality In designs and the latest technologies, as well as the presence of all services and facilities, where the units are inclusive of interior and exterior decorations and designs, as the payment system has been provided with a flexible and easy payment system to suit all types of purchasing capabilities, as Modon Real Estate provides the best offers and payment systems

hilton new capital

It fits with the purchasing power of the target customers

The company aims to provide various systems to customers that offer various options for them, indicating that the company has completed the necessary market studies for the implementation, design and marketing at the highest level in the New Capital project

He explained that the project includes a variety of spaces commensurate with the new and changing needs of customers

The target customers and to achieve a balance between the appropriate unit space and the selling price that suits the target customers, pointing out that the company adopts the slogan “We give value to reality and secure your future” as the company raises the value and quality of the project in order to ensure strong and renewable investment returns for the customer in the unit within the Hilton New Capital project The new where the company

Modon new Capital 2022

In addition, it has a complete management plan for the project after the completion of

its implementation and with the start of its operation

He confirmed that the company plans to implement a distinguished project in newe Capital, based on its experience in real estate development, and it has fulfilled its obligations towards its clients,

noting that this long cumulative experience encouraged the company to expand its projects and investment

In new capital, he pointed out that new capital is a national and promising investment project that

is being implemented with an ambitious vision and a clear plan to implement a smart technological city capable of competition

Services available at Hilton New Capital

new Capital Hotel project is characterized by

There are great services that distinguish it from other residential complexes, which are

  • Large green spaces
  • In addition, landscaping is very large areas
  • The presence of a large mosque with a magnificent minaret
  • In addition, there is the best gym that includes the latest equipment in the field of fitness and the best trainers in this field
  • Electricity generators for the place to not disturb the residents of the power outage
  • In addition to that, commercial areas have the largest international and local brands

hilton hotel

  • The presence of branches of the largest cafes and restaurants, the Hilton Hotel, new Capital
  • In addition, there is a well-equipped spa center
  • Quiet areas amidst green spaces dedicated to reading and recreation
  • In addition, there are areas for barbecue and dining parties
  • The presence of recreational areas with all means of entertainment
  • In addition, there are special areas for children
  • Dedicated parking spaces with surveillance cameras
  • In addition, there are places for running and cycling away from the car areas
  • International Schools The teaching staff has been selected at the highest level to ensure a distinguished educational level
  • In addition, the largest gym has been established in this city
  • The biggest park ever built in that area
  • In addition, there are swimming pools of different depths to suit adults and children
  • The presence of the largest hospital and medical centers characterized by the selection of a staff of doctors and nurses at the highest level to ensure a distinguished level of treatment
  • In addition, there are branches of major companies and private and public banks
  • Cultural and social club
  • In addition to that, the largest guard staff is equipped with precise devices for monitoring and in addition maintaining security in those places

The advantages of the Hilton project for Modon Company

هيلتون العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة لشركة مدن Hilton New Capital Modon

Hilton new Capital project is characterized by several features that make the project one of the most

important projects that were established in that region In addition, the facades of the units are characterized

as being of glass, as they overlook magnificent views, and the area of

the units also varies to allow choice for the customer

The project has all the services that meet the needs of different people, as the engineering design is very sophisticated, as it combines architecture and engineering

Modon Developments

Modon new Capital project is implemented and supervised by Modon Real Estate Development Company,

as it is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate in Egypt,

where we find the company

has been working in the real estate market for some time because it has taken upon itself the task of selecting the best and finest engineers led by Eng

Mohamed Raafat, Chairman of the Board of Directors

In addition, the company is distinguished by its modern designs and with the utmost distinctive taste, modern designs

It is also concerned with finishes and gaining customer satisfaction and comfort; It creates very creative real estate solutions that satisfy different tastes

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