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New City October Company launches the Eco West New City project, its largest project inside a special place in October, the company was keen to choose the distinguished site with all care to become a distinctive project, and also made sure that the project contains all the services that all customers desire West 6 October Ghabbour is the latest residential project in the heart of Sixth of October City, as the compound is located in a vital location and overlooks all the main roads

مشروع اكو ويست 6 اكتوبر

Eco West 6 October

Ghabbour Group leads an alliance consisting of a group of investors in acquiring New City for an amount of up to 50 million dollars, and Dr. Ghabbour emphasized that the sales movement does not come with a balance of the volume of investments, because there is a large part of the supply that is not commensurate with the purchasing power of citizens. Rather, it targets a specific category of customers

Dr. Manal Hussein, Chairman of the Company’s Projects Board, also confirmed that the company will witness an intensification in the volume of business and the appropriate cash injection, due to the work to implement the desires of all customers ’needs and to achieve the new company’s vision in establishing the company’s position in the field of investment and real estate development

So, it will achieve the difficult equation with a complete product that suits the consumer’s purchasing power

A group of businessmen have acquired New City for Housing and Development through an English investment fund and one of GB Capital companies owned by Dr Raouf Ghabbour, one of his companies

6th of October City

6th of October City contains a lot of industrial areas in addition to the presence of a group of services, and it has also built a group of modern multi-purpose projects on its land 6th of October City is located in the Cairo governorate, and the goal when establishing this city was to reduce the problem of city congestion And create housing units for young people who are about to get married

Features of 6th of October City

6th of October is one of the most important cities that work to attract businessmen, and it has a set of advantages, including

It is distinguished by its distinctive architectural planning as it contains residential units, entertainment places, and various industrial areas

Sixth of October City includes types of schools, institutes and branches of universities such as Zewail University of Science and Technology, October University for Modern Sciences, and the Higher Institute of Architecture

Sixth of October is one of the most distinguished cities in the Cairo governorate, and it was named in solidarity with the Sixth of October War

The most important commercial centers in the 6th of October City

6th of October City contains a group of important commercial centers, including

Arab mall
Hyper One
Mall of Egypt
Carrefour Dandy Mall
Dolphin Land
city Scape

6th of October City contains a group of residential neighborhoods, and each neighborhood is divided into neighboring areas, and the residential neighborhoods are divided from the first district to the twelfth district

If you are the owners of luxury and sophistication, it is imperative to get a distinctive residential unit in 6th of October City, where the units, spaces and prices vary within the city, and you will find all the services you need as well as facilities and vitality

New City October Company Eco West Project You have to return to contact with the company and do not let the opportunity pass you by, as you deal with a leading company in the field of investment and real estate development in Egypt for a long period of time, which enables you to obtain a distinct unit for any project of the company, and it has chosen The company is the 6th of October City to establish the project, because this city is one of the distinguished Egyptian cities

Location of the Eco West 6 October project

اكو ويست 6 اكتوبر Eco West 6 october

The project is located close to the most important areas in 6th of October City, in addition to that it is located near:

It is located 5 minutes from Juhayna Square
5 minutes from Mall of Egypt
Near Al Wahat Road
It is about 15 minutes from Sphinx Airport
The Egyptian Museum is 15 minutes away
Mall of Arabia is 10 minutes away
10 minutes from the ring road

The area of the Eco West project, 6 October

The project was established and implemented by the New City October Company, the Eco West New City project, by allocating an area of about 120 acres, and the area may be divided between the project services, green spaces and constructions

Therefore, I decided to divide the housing units within the project into

In the building, it consists of a ground floor and 4 upper floors
The area of the two-room unit starts from 80 square meters on the ground floor and upper floors
The units, which consist of 3 rooms, the space starts from 110 square meters and it is a penthouse
Duplex units start with a space of 160 square meters

Eco West Services, 6 October

New City October Company was keen on the Eco West New City project to establish all the important and necessary services needed by everyone who owns a housing unit in this project, and among the most important services of the project

  •   Gym, spa and jacuzzi
  • Entertainment areas for children
  • Sports club located on an area of 1.5 acres
  • International School
  • soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Area designated for barbecuing
  • Only 25%, and the rest of the space is for services and the most important of them
  • International Schools
  • Solar energy throughout the project to illuminate public areas
  • Clubhouse on an area of 19 acres
  • Grill garden
  • Outdoor gym
  • Running tracks
  • An arena for teamwork
  • trade Center

Designs of the Eco West 6 October project

اكو ويست 6 اكتوبر Eco West 6 october

The project is designed in order to achieve everything that people are looking for from the ideal of the site based on its proximity to services within the 6th of October City, and the green spaces provide the project with beauty for the units, which reflects the innovative vision that the company sets as a result of the optimal use of residential spaces based on the desires of customers in Providing units with an achievable standard of living to satisfy customers

  • Building
  • G + 5
  • ◦ * regions *
  • 80m2 floor and typical
  • Penthouse with an area of 110 square meters

The unit prices of the Eco West October project

The New City October Company has provided the Eco West New City project with a set of price offers that suit all customers who want to own a unit in this project, and the company has decided that prices in this project start from 850,000 thousand Egyptian pounds, provided that the price includes all finishes The housing units will be delivered within 4 years from the date of the contract

* Payment starting prices *

-10% down payment

– 10% – upon handover

The rest on * 7 * years in equal installments

8% down payment

8% down payment after a month

10% upon handover

The rest on * 8 * years in equal installments

Payment and payment systems in the Eco West October project

In order to facilitate the company’s management for many customers, it provided easy payment systems for customers, as it developed two systems

  • The customer pays 10% downpayment of the price of the housing unit + 10% receipt payment, and the rest of the amount is paid over 7 years without interest
  • In case the customer pays 8% downpayment + 8% payment after one month from the date of contracting + 10% receipt payment
  • In addition to that, the rest of the amount will be paid over 8 years without interest

The ECO WEST story

The Eco West slogan is a visual representation of the “transformative step” one goes through when they pass through the window of possibility to reach their long-awaited vision of a good life

Your gateway to a full life

New City Developments believes in empowering residents to take charge of their lives and make better choices for themselves and their future. We are bringing Eco West to ambitious, youthful and problem-solving

New City Developments believes in empowering residents to take charge of their lives and make better choices for themselves and their future. We are bringing Eco West to ambitious, youthful and problem-solving

Precedent in the environmental sense the West delivers a desired lifestyle through progressive European-style architecture with surroundings

Quiet green and distinctive views of the Great Pyramids. Development of an integrated community with various facilities aimed at family development

Live and Enable Access to New Opportunities for Environmental Western Values ​​ECO WEST extends over 120 acres of land and has been masterfully designed by the industry’s best experts to bring a living to residents an unparalleled experience

With 3,800 units available in smart sizes, inspired by European solutions and inspirations to save space to eliminate any

Usable living area and maximize actual living spaces

eco west

ECO WEST is built around quiet green open spaces with a shared central pedestrian walkway, surrounded by parks and public parks. The project also has a sports feature, a club, a commercial center, an international school, children’s areas and barbecue areas planned with customers in every step of the way

ECO WEST provides completely unique finishes options to bring its residents closer to their desired living experience.

From floors to walls, to bundles and loan payments on home appliances, to New City furnishings and furniture

Its developments help all its customers to take the journey of owning their homes in it to facilitate the finishing and financing for them with all taste and elegance

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