Chalets and villas for sale in the North CoastNorth Coast

D Bay North Coast tatweer Misr

D bay

D Bay North Coast tatweer Misr

The location of the DBay North Coast project is very close to all important places where the project site helps

When going to it always, especially on short trips, you can go to D Bay North Coast and return in the same

Today, the project has the most beautiful and cleanest private beaches in the villages and resorts that have been built

This project is also distinguished by the latest models, and that all services that are provided in

the D bay north coast project are unmatched

Compared to the rest of the services provided by other investment companies all over the northern coast

D Bay North Coast tatweer Misr

D Bay North Coast project site Tatweer Misr

One of the most important features of the D Bay North Coast project is its great location,

where many people are searching For places directly overlooking the sea, enjoying the cool

breezes in the hot summer weather and enjoying the blue waters of the beach

All these features are owned by the D bay North Coast project, where the project is located

15 minutes away from the hills and before La Vista at the 165 km Alex / Matrouh Road

The area of D Bay Tatweer Misr

D Bay North Coast has been designed according to the latest engineering designs and various spaces
Allocating an area of ​​200 acres for the D bay North Coast project at a sea width of 800 meters

and a depth of the project

It reaches 1100 meters and the decision has been taken in implementing the unit designs

on various areas and with a wonderful aesthetic view

The buildings have taken on a certain shape and heights close to see all the units in the sea at

D bay North Coast tatweer Misr

The units were built in the D Bay North Coast project, small from the total area, and

the rest of the percentage was distributed

M to build various green spaces and swimming pools, where the project is characterized by

the presence of a large number of trees and green spaces that make you feel renewed

and purified at all times, as the D Bay North Coast project is dedicated

When defining buildings, there are spaces between units and some of them, so that

customers can enjoy the principle of privacy and give the residents complete freedom

About D Bay North Coast

D Bay North Coast is the second project of Tatweer Egypt after the Fouka Bay North Coast

project, where experts predict for this project that it will be one of the most famous resorts

on the northern coast, as it features D Bay Coast

  • With a wonderful beach famous for its crystal water, and it is known that the geographical location of the northern coast has a prime helpful climate and made it the first place for people who want to relax and enjoy all the details of the place
  • This resort, the company based on its implementation by Tatweer Misr, is famous for its wonderful designs, as it has been shown that the resort is an architectural masterpiece on the ground, as it is one of the most elegant resorts of the North Coast

Also, D bay is distinguished by providing all possible services for the convenience of residents

and visitors in the place, as it is since

Entering a person into the resort feels as if he is in one of the international resorts

because of the masterpiece of architecture in terms of constructions, confrontations and internal

division as well, and the company specialized in establishing this resort always prefers to combine in its design

For constructions combining the old and the new in the way of international designs and this feature

is not found in many villages and resorts on the northern coast, where reliance was placed on

the integration of international designs with each other as that

Tatweer Misr, the owner of this project, has formed a working group consisting of the best experts in this field

D bay tatweer misr project

D Bay North Coast tatweer Misr

Where the distinguished team of engineers and consultants formed a plan to implement this project that would make it the best project

My investment in the northern coast, where the work team relied on international designs, relying on the delightful colors of the buildings

And the picturesque nature and plants around those buildings, noting the interest of the Tatweer Misr management that the plan maintains all international standards, and indeed the best real estate investment project has been implemented in the North Coast, all of its units are distinguished by the view.

The distinctive sea directly on the sea to make the place magical in addition to the moderate atmosphere that characterizes the village due to its geographical location

The distinctive choice of D bay North Coast for enjoyment and relaxation is one of the most correct decisions

Which people accept because of what distinguishes this resort from other resorts, as we will show in this report

D Bay North Coast services

D Bay North Coast has many advantages and services provided to people staying or visiting for a few days

It always makes it at the forefront of projects on the northern coast, and one of its examples is that there is a large number of this project

Of the water pools of different sizes and depths to suit all people in the place, whether old or young

Green spaces are spread all over the village of De Bay North Coast, and there is also a dedicated area for yachts

For hunting and hiking, there are also means of transportation that people need to move from place to place and take care of the village

With children, therefore, it has allocated a large space especially for children, and there are all means of entertainment, especially water games

The project also has a huge shopping mall with all the shops for all famous local or international brands

Also, there is a health club in the project that was built on the latest international models and equipped with the latest equipment, as there is in the project

Also, a spa and sauna center, in the desire of the village administration to provide all means of comfort for all people present in the place in addition

In addition, there is a wonderful hotel in the project that overlooks the sea directly, in which all services are provided at very reasonable prices

In the rest of the hotels on the north coast, there is also a private garage in De Bay North Coast

To park cars, to prevent overcrowding, and the village also has wide and modern elevators, and there are surveillance cameras surrounding all

D Bay

Throughout the village, to ensure the preservation of security in the place, as well as the housing units in the D Bay North Coast project

All of them overlook the sea, as the project was designed so that all views of the project units are directly on the sea

The constructions in D bay Tatweer Misr compound are characterized by the splendor of its design and implementation, and there are beaches dedicated to the evening and evening parties, as these parties have a special and wonderful atmosphere that works to renew the psyche and relaxation

Also, there are areas designated for the project where flower beds of different types are available away from noise and crowding to provide recreation

And practice yoga between flowers and nature, as well as a designated area for pets and slides, and conference rooms are available

Local and international as these halls are equipped at the highest level and there is Wi-Fi throughout the project

D bay project is characterized by the abundance of colors in it everywhere, which gives the place a sense of joy and elegance

Advantages of D Bay North Coast

D Bay North Coast tatweer Misr

The D bay North Coast Tatweer Misr project has many advantages that make it one of the most important investment projects, and these advantages are

  •  in addition The project has an unparalleled location on the Gulf of
  • The beach is distinguished by its turquoise waters and bronze sand
  • in addition The d Bay North Coast project is characterized by a beach without rocks that you can walk and play on
  • in addition
  • The project is characterized by the difference in its area and the variety of its services in the North Coast D bay Al Sahel is designed so that everyone can enjoy an unparalleled and distinctive location beside the tourist, commercial and entertainment district in addition
  • in addition D Bay North Coast project is characterized by being sunny all days of the year in addition
  • in addition You can hold individual competitions on the beaches so that you can spend the most time in the project on the beach

The activities provided by the D Bay North Coast project

D bay North Coast Tatweer Misr provides a lot of entertainment activities as it is one of the most important activities that it provides

The d Bay North Coast project is the practice of diving, as there are many diving centers in the project and the private beaches, as well as the practice of water skiing, there are golf courses equipped on the highest level, squash courts, gym halls, massage and spa centers. Often times there was no opportunity to do recreation for several consecutive days and to go on vacation, but the location of the North Coast and the luxurious hotels and wonderful resorts that are located in it
The engineers of Tatweer Misr approved the best models in designing D Bay North Coast

The company that implemented this project relied on integrating international designs with each other as the Tatweer Misr Company, which owns this project, has formed a work team consisting of the best experts in this field, where the distinguished work team is formed

From engineers and consultants to develop a plan to implement this project, making it the best investment project in the North Coast

Where the work team relied on the cheerful colors of the buildings and the picturesque nature and plants around those buildings with a note of interest

The management of Tatweer Misr Development Company, that the plan maintains all international standards, and indeed the best real estate investment project has been implemented in the North Coast, all its units feature a distinctive view of the sea directly, so that the place becomes magical in addition to the atmosphere.

The moderate location that is characterized by the project due to its distinguished geographical location

Available units in D Bay North Coast

As the number of all units will range between 1700 less than the old Fouca with 900 units divided into me

  • As a house on the sea

D bay North Coast consisting of terraces

  • The first terrace, villas from 600 meters, starting prices from 30 million
  • The second floor of villas, prices starting from 20 million
  • Third terrace chalets overlooking the swimming pools
  • Next to the Crystal Lagoon
  • Then the Town, Twin and Stand Alone

The first stage of the layout will open half-lengthwise from the nautical side

Available unit prices in the D Bay North Coast

Prices vary in D BAY DEVELOPMENT Egypt, as the whole region depends on the unit’s point of view, and there are installment systems

And different payment systems, and the space will be varied to satisfy everyone in terms of space, price, and so on

The d Bay North Coast project has all kinds of units for all customers to enjoy complete comfort

And privacy, the unit price varies according to the area and the distance from the beach, and the company achieves less

The prices are for its customers compared to the prices of the units within the North Coast

You can own your unit in the project by paying it only from the total unit price as downpayment

D Bay

And pay the rest of the amount in equal installments, so do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity and book your unit in D Bay North Coast because it is the future for your children and spend the best times in order to get away from the problems of life and work in general, as the available prices are

  • 2 rooms of 2,600 million
  • 3 rooms with 3 million to 3.200 million

Tatweer Misr Company, the owner of the D Bay Dbaa Bay project, North Coast

The owners of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company

  • Dr. Ahmed Shalabi, advisor to the Minister of Housing and a member of

The General Assembly in the city of the future

  • Mr. Hamada Dawood, owner of the water company


  • Dr. Samir Aref, the owner of Al-Ahram’s keys and keys
  • Mr. Ashraf Arafa
  • Mr. Sami Zaton, owner of Madico

Tatweer Misr Development Company is one of the largest and most real estate investment companies in Egypt, as it is famous for its great mastery and experience

In the field, it has many huge investment projects all over Egypt, and the work of that company is witnessing over a period of time

Its mastery at work and its work is characterized by extreme accuracy to complete its work with

high quality and in a wonderful way befitting its customers

This company is that it offers the best and cheapest prices in the real estate market, Tatweer Misr

was able to prove itself well among other investment companies and Tatweer Egypt was able to establish 3 huge real estate projects that have proven their worth and position

Among the major companies in this field, as it is new in the field and was established in 2015

through the cooperation of many investors who own entrepreneurs from their projects,

Bloomfields of the future, and among the most important of those collaborators, the best specialists in this field were chosen and most of them have great experience, as well as creativity and innovation

The most important projects of Tatweer Misr Development Company

Monte Galala chalets

The chalets of Monte Galala have been classified as one of the most important and best investment

projects in Egypt that they have established

It is the development company of Egypt and the project consists of several chalets as well as

independent villas and are available in various areas to suit

All customers as it provides the latest services and vital facilities as well as entertainment services

and the site of this project is distinguished as

In its distinguished atmosphere, as it could be a resort and also a resort, and the company

designed this project in the form of terraces

Graduated in height in order to allow all residents of those chalets a direct view of the Red Sea,

and within the Monte Galala project included a distinct stage in a project which is

Via Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, one of the projects of the Egypt Development Company,

it was established on an area of ​​2 million square meters, where

It is located at a distance of 7 km from Movenpick and 11 km from Porto Sokhna, and it is

also located near the city of Galala overlooking the Gulf of Suez

Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay North Coast is also considered one of the most important projects established by

Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company and this

The project is planned that Ali will be implemented in 4 stages with a depth of 1100 meters and

also overlooking the sea with a width of up

Up to 800 meters as it consists of independent villas as well as chalets, twin chalets and

town chalets that were designed with the latest Italian designs and all units overlook the sea directly

as Fouka Bay North Coast is one of the most important projects of Tatweer Egypt for the Development

Ras al-Hikma, which has been classified as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and

the location of the village, specifically at km 211, Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh Road, and very close

to Coast 82, the northern coast, and Fouka Bay, the northern coast, is 75 kilometers from Marsa

Matrouh, and 132 kilometers from El Alamein Road

After Tatweer Misr presented 3 projects of the largest real estate projects in Egypt in more than one region,

it provided tourism and residential projects and succeeded in it and proved it worthy among

the largest and most important real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market, it came

to present its project 4 in the North Coast, D bay North Coast Tatweer Misr Development Project,

North Coast, take the initiative to reserve your unit in a project at the opening prices of Tatweer Egypt

For reservations and inquiries through D bay North Coast sales


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